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Successfully marketing your business involves four essential P’s. Product, Price, Place and Promotion. Promoting your business is about making potential customers aware of your products or services. Advertising is the most important of the marketing mix, as it is how you inform your potential customers of the other three P's. Advertising provides an opportunity to inform your potential customers of the advantages of using your product or service, the price and the place where they can obtain it from. Therefore it is not the case of "do I need to advertise?", it is why you must advertise.

Working as a team with our clients, we will look at your businesses strengths and weaknesses, analyse your competitors and execute a strategic advertising campaign. This will provide you with the solutions that you require, whilst still being very cost effective and of course highly creative.

Eclectic Designs specialises in all print based advertising, including Direct Mail, Leaflets, Newspapers, Directories, Magazines and Posters. We can also implement web based or "online advertising" campaigns, including banner adverts and websites. Please see our new media section for full details of our online and offline marketing services.

For larger campaigns, such as radio, tv and cinema advertising, we work in conjunction with specialised advertising agencies that are highly skilled and provide only these services.


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