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One in three people in the UK have internet access and millions more globally. That represents an enormous market place. No matter the approach you choose, be it a simple website for increased brand awareness or a fully integrated e-commerce site, your business can significantly benefit from having a presence on the world wide web.

At Eclectic Designs, we believe that your website should not simply be an "on-line brochure", reflecting your existing marketing literature. We design and develop strategic website solutions, that deliver content in an engaging manner, through the application of all the interactive technologies that this "new media" has to offer. We specialise in building clean and simple websites that are quick loading, and compatible with browsers, search engines and users!

In addition to our design and development services that we provide, we will also devise a website promotion strategy that ensures that your website receives the maximum exposure that it deserves, giving you the greatest return on investment. This is implemented through our online and offline marketing services.

If you already have a website, but you feel it's dated and in need of re-designing, or perhaps it is poorly ranked with the search engines, or you don’t have a website and have no idea where to start, Eclectic Designs can provide a complete range of new media solutions and guide you through every stage of the process.


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