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What is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?
Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a strategic skill employed to ensure that your website is recognised by all the major search engines. More importantly its aim is to make sure that your website is ranked highly within the search results when people search with keywords that are relevant to your businesses products and services.

Why do I need a good position?
9 out of 10 of visitors arriving at a website are referred from search engines such as Yahoo and Google. Therefore it is essential that you have a presence on all the major search engines and more importantly have an excellent ranking within the search result, at the very least in the top 10. Having a top 10 ranking also creates an impression that your company is the market leader in your industry. It is therefore crucial that as part of your website promotion strategy you apportion a good part of your budget to this area and absolutely critical if you are selling a product online, especially Internationally.

I want a top 10 ranking!
Believe us, there is a lot more to it than inserting a few meta tags. Search engines read and index your website using complex algorithms, that change constantly as technology advances.

Market research has also indicated that for every page back page hits can almost half eg Key Phrase "Hotels +Aberdeen" we have achieved a page 1 result for a local Hotel, they receive 1000 hits a month on that phrase yet next month a competing Hotel pushes you on to page 2 you will dicover that hits can almost half. After all 10 hotels is plenty of choice, why look further.

At Eclectic Designs, using proven techniques, we can devise a search engine optimisation strategy that ensures you sit above your competitors.


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