Laing Traditional Masonry website launched

Laing Traditional Masonry Website Design

We have recently completed a major rebranding project for Laing Traditional Masonry, which included everything from a sticker to the redesign of their corporate identity, marketing materials, brochures, exhibition design, advertising and their online presence. We have also significantly improved their search engine rankings and marketing online. Visit

4 way pitch win - rebranding project for Hunting Oilfield Plc

Hunting Oilfield Brochure

We were pleased to be invited to tender for this project, which we won after a four way pitch. An unusually tight deadline of three weeks did not affect the design or the quality of the finished product. The end result was four brochures - two English, and two Russian - which were very well received at the Russian exhibition Hunting attended. We’re not sure if it was down to the brilliant design, but Russian Customs & Excise refused Hunting to take the brochures back to Scotland!

Advertising campaign for Voluntary Service Aberdeen


We were approached and asked to forward our ideas for a campaign to recruit new volunteers after carrying out the design of various leaflets and brochures for VSA. We identified that most people have a stereotype of who and what a volunteer is. The result is a range of ads and posters that attack this misconception, partly by using pictures of actual volunteers and the messages behind the ideas.

Getting our teeth into Jolt Gum

Jolt Gum

The latest craze sweeping America has arrived ... chewing gum containing caffeine, guarana and ginseng to give you maximum energy. Eclectic Designs are working with Jolt Gum to develop the brand for the UK Market. We've road tested it here and it certainly works. Side effects? We've no more excuses for sleeping on the job!

For more information visit

Seattle Quilt Company website launched

Seattle Quilt Company Website

Part of what makes Eclectic Designs that little bit special is our ability to build subtle touches into our clients' designs. In this case, our client required an e-commerce site selling quilting materials. Apart from background patterns suggesting the products on offer, the main pictures look like they have been cut by pinking shears. This attention to detail is carried through to the stitching found on the navigation panels. A stitch up in the nicest possible way! View it

Caledonia Training & Consultancy website launched

Caledonia Training and Consultancy Website

The new website enhances Caledonia's brand identity, and acts as an online marketing tool for the booking of training courses. We are currently applying our Search Engine Optimisation Technology to the site to ensure first page results in search engines such as Google. View it

Tender win - Highland and Islands Council

We are proud to have been chosen after a three way competitive pitch to produce Interpretative Communication Panels for a nature trail.

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New website clients include NHS Highlands and Islands, Ridge Records, Laing Traditional Masonry, Lovie Ltd, Seattle Quilt Company, The Shand Practice and Optima Tax and Financial Services.